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TEF QUÉBEC TEFAQ (TEF QUÉBEC) is the official French language proficiency test recognized by the Quebec Ministry for Immigration, Francisation and Integration (MIFI) for the CSQ (Certificat de sélection du Québec). How to prepare Click here to register for TEFAQ preparatory classes Elective examinations Oral comprehension: 60 questions Duration: 40 minutes Oral expression: 2 topics Duration: 15 minutes Additional examinations (Primary applicant) Written comprehension: 50 questions Duration: 60 minutes Written expression: 2 topics Duration: 60 minutes TEF Intégration, Résidence, Nationalité The TEF Intégration, Résidence, Nationalité is recognized by the French Ministry for the Interior. It is compulsory for anyone applying to the French State for a resident card or naturalization. It is used to show a person’s competence in the four aspects of the French language. It comprises four compulsory tests: Written comprehension, Oral comprehension, Written expression, and Oral expression. It is a computer-based test except for the ‘oral expression’ that Is done face to face with an examiner. The tests and duration Oral comprehension: 17 multiple-choice questions Duration: 10 minutes Oral expression: 2 topics to be covered. Duration: 5 minutes each, 10 minutes in total. Written comprehension: 13 multiple-choice questions Duration: 30 minutes Written expression: 2 topics to be covered. Duration: 30 minutes Validity of the Results The result is valid for two years How to Prepare for the Examination Onlinefrenchedu specializes in helping students prepare for this examination and ace it in one sitting. Click here to register for training.