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Primary FAQ

  • Can I learn french as absolute beginner?

    YES. Our classes are designed to help you learn French from the basics. We have helped thousands of people learn French from the scratch and helped them achieve fluency in the language.

Other questions

  • How long does it take for an absolute beginner (one who knows nothing in French) to prepare for a professional examination like TEFCanada and ace it in one sitting?

    It depends on the desired level the student wishes to attain. For a student who wishes to to attain a minimum of the B2 level, the student can opt for any of the following: -Standard class: 12 months (5 days per week, 2 hours per day) -Express class: 8 months (5 days per week, 2 hours per day)

  • Does Onlinefrenchedu influence the grade the students will have in the test results issued by the French Ministry of Education?

    NO. Onlinefrenchedu will only train students to prepare for the examinations. We provide students with recordings, qualified and experienced tutors, textbooks and practice materials needed to prepare for the examination, but we do not in any way influence the overall test score of the examination.

  • Can a student pay to any personal account?

    NO. All payments should be made to accounts bearing "ONLINEFRENCHEDU". Any payment made to any other account will not be valid.

  • Does Onlinefrenchedu offer private classes?

    YES. The classes are charged per hour. For more information, contact

  • Does Onlinefrenchedu engage in fradulent activity to help pass professional examinations without learning the language?

    NO. Any tutor who encourages such should be reported to the appropriate authority of the state or country.