Training Certification


DALF C1 – Advanced or Effective Operational Proficiency: When a French language learner acquires this level of CEFR he becomes proficient a user. Here, he can:       •     Understand a wide variety of high demanding longer texts and conversations, and recognize implicit meaning.       •     Can state ideas without more much searching for expressions       •     He/ She can be active in social media, academic or professional situations by effectively using the French language       •     Can produce cogent, detailed text on most complex topics. C2 – Mastery (or proficiency) this is the mastery level of CEFR, and here the user is supposed to:       •     Understand almost everything, read, write and speak French with ease.       •     Can summarize information from various spoken and written sources       •     can reconstruct arguments and accounts in a coherent presentation       •     can express himself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely       •     Can differentiate precise meanings of words, sentences, and paragraphs, even in the most complex situations.