Join 200+ Organizations Who Have Registered Employees To Learn The French Language.

Onlinefrenchedu for Corporate Enterprises

Onlinefrenchedu is equipped with professionals with the expertise and credentials to train staff of corporate organizations in the French language.

Learning objectives

Learn how to communicate in French in a professional setting. This includes: introducing oneself, presenting a company, handling business presentations, communicating with French foreigners, and public speaking.

Improve writing skills: writing corporate emails, reports, and letters

Correctly interpret and respond to business correspondences.

Prepare business schedules, book appointments, and plan business trips.

Negotiate business proposals and understand business terminologies.

Training Schedule

Introduction to general French ( A1 and A2 levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

The specific training for Business and Professionals commence at the B1 level.

The training can be either.



Physical meeting.

The duration is tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

To book an appointment, click here. We are ready to guide you on the appropriate course that best suits your organization's needs.

Disclaimer: We do not train people in business. Instead, we train staff of corporate organizations
 to achieve the objectives outlined above in the French Language.